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Ways we reduce stress for your dog when staying in kennels


No matter what steps are taken to make dogs feel at home, the kennel environment is usually so different from that of their home, that it is natural for them to undergo some stress during their stay.

It IS possible for boarding kennels
to minimise this stress!

We enrich your pets stay to make their time here as stress free as possible.


Reducing stress for dogs in kennels has obvious advantages for the dogs themselves, and you their owner will feel more at ease.

For us, this trust means repeat business, higher occupancy and a fabulous reputation that will earn us even more bookings.

How you can help reduce stress:

  • Allow plenty of time to deliver your dog to the kennels so you are not in a last minute panic and pushed for time. Otherwise, your stress will be communicated to your dog and it is better if he leaves you when you are relaxed and happy
  • Bring a written or typed list of your dog’s ailments, medications, food intake and other special requirements
  • Your dog’s up-to-date vaccination certificate or Titer Test
  • Bring a few day’s supply of your dog’s normal food, together with your dog’s bed (unwashed), favourite toys, chews and treats
  • Sometimes bringing items  that smell of you and will retain your comforting scent for a few days helps  your dog settle better
  • When you leave, be jolly and matter of fact, rather than consoling, so your dog understands there is nothing to worry about
  • A young dog may benefit from a few days in kennels every so often early in life so they get used to the experience and find it easier to cope with a longer stay

Ways we enrich your dogs stay.

Top of the list and often in short supply due to its fulfilment being labour intensive, is social contact.

Dogs have inherited social tendencies from their ancestors and this has been accentuated in those dogs bred to work closely with man or to be a companion.

Since most dogs retained in boarding kennels come from a pet home, lack of adequate social contact can be top of the list of stressors.

We employ staff that like dogs and who maintain a cheerful, relaxed attitude, talking and making a fuss of them during routine cleaning and maintenance activities.

In addition, we give staff  time to spend  with each dog playing, grooming, stroking them and giving treats for compliance with requests , we have 1 member of staff for every 5 kennels which results in happier, more contented dogs.

Other ways we enrich their stay

  • Daily walk and the chance to run free in a large area. All dogs are exercised at least 4 times a day.
  • Playtime with toys, our staff play  on a one to one basis and all playtimes are always supervised by a member of the team.
  • Toys left in the run for dogs to play with.
  • We offer toys that can be filled with the dog’s dinner or with treats, such as kongs or activity balls, which  help with mental stimulation. Which are washed and disinfected after use
  • Provide interest and relief from heat stress in summer by using a plastic children’s paddling pool filled with water and toys and fans to move the air around.



    Posted on:
  • Thursday, November 12th, 2015