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Daily Routine

A daily routine of exercise and play times are essential in making sure your dog is happy and healthy. At the Rhyddings we operate a strict routine regime to maintain our extremely high standards. The dogs soon get used to our routine, which equals happy and settled guests.

We cater for every dogs requirements, ensuring happy guests. We do this as STANDARD as we think every dog needs this, it shouldn’t be an extra.

  • All dogs are exercised at least 4 times a day,  2 toilet breaks am and pm with 2 x 10 minute sessions mid morning and afternoon which comprises of free play and enrichment time.
  • Play sessions are included as standard.
  • Interactive Activity feeders are used at meal times for extra enrichment when needed.
  • Guests are weighed on arrival and every two days to maintain their ideal weight.
  • Dogs love our small group play sessions, with owners permission we match dogs for temperament and size.
  • Frozen Kongs and enrichment activity toys are used and given during the day to keep the dogs happy and entertained.
  • We only feed top quality food,  you are welcome to bring in your own if required.
  • Our thorough cleaning routine is done before 9am, giving more 1 2 1 time with every guest throughout the day.