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Pet Shop


Welcome to our Natural Pet Shop, We only stock Biologically appropriate food and treats for dogs and cats as diet is the foundation of good health

At the Rhyddings Natural Pet Shop we promote Raw and Biologically Appropriate diets and treats.

Everyone knows what we eat can have a massive impact on our health and wellbeing, and this is no different for our pets. Have you ever looked on the ingredients on the back of your pets food container, if you see ingredients like cereals, animal derivatives, derivatives of vegetable origin you need to think & look at what you have been feeding. These low cost fillers just don’t provide what they need to thrive only survive.

Our pets have never had so many illnesses, cancer, diabetes, kidney problems, allergies, skin and ear problems. What is going on? They are better looked after, loved more then ever before so what is going wrong? as the saying goes “Let food be thy medicine” Most pet foods are just junk food, equivalent to us eating McDonald’s every day.

Have a look at an independent site like which is helping pet parents make an informed choice regarding a better quality healthier diet. Many big name brands are poor quality. Look at this food review.

We love to helping you make your pets life a longer, healthier one and are always here to offer help and advice on changing to a better diet, whether your furry friend is a little over weight, has allergy issues, ear problems, skin issues etc. all these can be linked to diet. Doesn`t your best friend deserve the best you can give them.

We stock a great range of complete raw diets from Natural Instinct, Nutriment,  Natures Menu, Benyfit, and Kiezebrink

Our Highly knowledgeable staff can help and guide you through the transition period. Weighing your pet and calculating the % you need to feed.

At The Rhyddings we only stock healthy and natural treats ( not a Bonio or Dentastix in sight). So you can rest assured everything that comes from us complements a healthier diet. We have one of the largest selections of healthy and natural treats for dogs and cats in the area.

The food in our Natural Pet Shop is also available to the dogs and cats when they stay in our Pet Hotel.

Our Natural Pet Shop complements our Pet Hotel and Grooming services offering an all round package of the very best care.